• Mission Statement

    The Kidz Klinik is a paediatric facility committed to providing the best possible medical care. We recognize the awesome responsibility which is ours in caring for the kidz brought to us. It is our hope and prayer that all members of our staff will at all times display the courtesy, kindness, love, and compassion which is so evident in the Lord God Almightythe El Shaddai.

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  • Other Services

    Other Services Available at El Shaddai Medical Centre
    [Separate from Kidz Klinik]

    • Counselling Child Psychologist
    • Adult General Practitioners
    • Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon with Operating Facilities
    • Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with Operating Facilities
    • Consultant ENT Surgeon
    • X-Ray & Ultrasound Facility
    • Medical Laboratory
    • Pharmacy
    • Dentist


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  • Opening Hours

    Although we have stated opening hours, these are flexible, because we never lock the door and prevent people from entering. In fact, we very often inconvenience ourselves by staying long past our stated closing time to attend to sick kidz.In this regard, we plead to parents not to take advantage of our policy by arriving when we are just about to “put on our pyjamas”.

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