Gripes----Newborn colic----3 month colic-----one of the most frequent complaints of new mothers. The newborn wriggles and wriths a bit, showing some signs of discomfort, and sometimes fusses and cries, and sometimes screams [depending on the level of discomfort]. Sometimes he/she pases flatus or even a little stool during the episodes.

Some ''newborn gripers'' do so throughout the day, some do so more towards late- evening, and there are some by whom you can set your watch!----they flare-up at a particular time each day. Most cases are mild and disappear by about age 3 months or so----- some are more severe and worrying to the parents. Before you [the parents] go crazy, sit down and speak with your Paediatrician.

A walk through any Pharmacy will show many different medications which allegedly cure gripes. 

Controlled medical trials may dictate otherwise--------''speak wid yuh Docta''