The Kidz Klinik is a Private Group Paediatric Practice which had its origin way back in July 1982. It started as a “Single-Doctor” Consulting Practice established by Dr. John Royes, and at that time was located at 7 ¼ Deanery Road, Kingston 16. It soon became apparent however, that in order to meet the needs of the patients adequately, more than one doctor would be needed, and eventually it evolved into the Group Practice which it is today.

In March 1993 The Kidz Klinik relocated and opened its doors at El Shaddai Medical Centre.

Our Facility is committed to providing the best possible medical care [see our Mission Statement] and it is our hope and prayer that all members of our staff will at all times display the courtesy, kindness, love and compassion which was so evident in The Lord God Almighty ------- The El Shaddai.

The Physical Facility itself seeks to cater to the physical comfort of our clientelle --------fully air conditioned, cable T.V., complimentary coffee/tea for parents, as well as complimentary out-going (non-cellular) urgent telephone calls when relatives need to be contacted or even when a taxi is needed. The seats are Not Cushioned [much as we'd like them to be] anymore------within the first 2 weeks of opening the centre, the then cushioned seats were shredded to pieces by one of our little patients while his mother sat by and watched adoringly!!!!--------- Too bad, tough “non-cushioned” seats from now on!!! Who doan like it can bi---ahem------bring along their own cushions from home.

The Facility possess its own stand-by generator with an automatic transfer switch, so that within seconds of a general power outage, we have our own electricity supply. We also have 4 (600-gallon) water tanks which serve to protect us from the all-too-frequent water “lock-offs”.

Here at the Kidz Klinik we have adopted and implemented new concepts with regards to how we function, and through the years we have tried to keep our “Mumz and Dadz” informed of changes by way of newsletters ------- copies of these from the past are posted on the web-site for your perusal. You will note that one is way over-due, but from now on, this is the medium through which we'll communicate with you.

At Kidz Klinik we do not believe in the discarding of any medical records, no matter how “ancient” they may be. As a result we have a database of more than 50,000 patients on record at the time of writing (November 2006). --------- Now, it would be almost impossible for us to physically store all medical records on all of these patients, so many years ago we took the very bold [and very costly] step of putting all of our records on computer. This task involved a team of 4 guys working eight, and sometimes sixteen-hour shifts continuously over a period of 2 years. Having done this we were then able to do away with our paper files and filing cabinets--------Hallelujah!!.-------No more mis-filed records.

Each patient therefore has a file which reads like a book by “scrolling down” and as this patient is seen, and new notes are made, these are scanned directly onto the end of the file. The information which is added-on each day is “backed-up” at the end of that day.