This is an Infection of the Upper or Lower Respiratory Tract which is caused by any of a number of viruses.  

The symptoms are so well known to you all, that there is no need to mention them here.  

Treatment involves treating the symptoms only i.e., decongesting the nasal passages, drying up excess secretions, bringing down any associated elevated temperature etc. There is NO need for Antibiotics unless Secondary Bacterial Infection has taken place.  

The yellowness of the nasal secretions/sputum does Not necessarily indicate Secondary Bacterial Infection.       

The Common Cold must not be confused with nasal sniffles/transmitted sounds heard in the newborn (see elsewhere) nor with an Allergic Rhinitis (nasal allergy).
Contrary to popular belief, the “Flu-Vaccine” does Not guarantee prevention of this Malady as this vaccine only provides antibody coverage for the most common strains of Viruses “Going Around”.

The Flu Vaccine may be beneficial where certain conditions exist:

  • Asthma & other Chronic Pulmonary Diseases
  • Immune-Suppressive Disorders
  • H.I.V
  • Chronic Renal Disease
  • Chronic Metabolic Disease