Required Shots and Suggested Schedule

Birth–6 Weeks BCG
6 Weeks DPT/DT #1

Hep B #1

Hib #1
3 Months DPT/DT #2
Hep B #2
Hib #2
5–6 Months DPT/DT #3
Hep B #3
Hib #3
12 Months MMR #1
18 Months DPT/DT
MMR #2
4–6 Years DPT/DT
9+ Years HPV #1
HPV #2
10–11 Years Td/OPV


BCG - Bacillus Calmette Guerin (The TB Vaccine)
DPT - Diptheria, Pertussis (whooping Cough), Tetanus (lock-jaw)
OPV - Oral Polio Vaccines
Hep B - Hepatitis B
HIB - Haemophilus Influenza B [Meningitis vaccine]
MMR - Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German Measles)
Dt/Td - Diptheria & Tetanus


Additional Recommended Shots

Varicella (Chicken Pox) - Given anytime after 1year of age
Hepatitis A - Given after 24 months. Comprises 2 shots
Rotavirus [frequent cause of GE] - Given 6 weeks to 6 months of Age. Comprises 2 shots (or drops) over two months
Pneumococcus [frequent cases of Respiratory Infection] - Given along with HIB at 2, 4, 6, 15 months. Given after 6 months of Age.

- Given Yearly


N.B.: At The Kidz Klinik we offer the BCG vaccine on Thursdays only. This restriction is is due to the fact that the vaccine is packaged in 10-dose vials that have to be discarded 24 hours after opening.

All other vaccines are administered every day of the week, but we may need to special order some for you in advance of your visit. Please call our front desk to discuss your immunization plans.