“Nuttin' Nuh Go Suh!!”


  1. Squeezing the Breasts of Newborns
    The breasts of newborns must be squeezed [to remove the witches milk] or the child will grow up with a bad body odour -----------NONSENSE!
    ---------The newborn's breast is very tender. It must NOT be squeezed. The (sometimes) enlarged breast tissue is entirely normal and is due to the effect of mum's hormonal influence on the baby. The swelling will disappear on its own.

  2. Stretching the Newborn Baby
    ------ We can do damage to limbs and joints by performing this totally useless act.

  3. Teething Water & Diarrhoea
    Swallowing “teething water” is believed by many to cause diarrhoea [running belly]. ------ Teething water is saliva, and we are constantly swallowing this, so------then------we should all be spending a lot of our lives on the toilet,------ right?

    If there is any correlation between teething and diarrhoea, it may only be due to the fact that when teething, little kids pick up stuff and put in their mouth and rub at the gums more often than usual. By doing this, they pick up viruses which then cause diarrhoea or fever or a skin rash------hence the popular myth that “children teeth with diarrhoea, fever, skin rash”.

  4. Newborn Umbilical Care
    A very unfortunate tradition which has been passed down to some folks is that of dressing the newborn umbilicus (navel) with cow-dung! (among other things).
    ------This practice is a cause of sepsis (infection) in the newborn. Kids have contracted Tetanus (lock-jaw) and died as a result of this.
    ------The newborn umbilicus need only be cleaned with 70% rubbing alcohol. Certain topical applications are available, but not crucial. [Do not be alarmed if cleaning the navel results in a small blood-stain on the cotton used to wipe same.]

  5. The (Alledged)''Mole -Cole” 
    The mole is The Anterior Fontanelle [a small gap in the various bones which come together to form the skull] which is found at the front of the top of he head in the young child. This opening may be felt up to about 18 months of age. [There is also a Posterior Fontanelle which may sometimes be felt up to about 9 months of age] Kids do not pick up colds via the mole.
    Placing various “condements” on the mole is useless.

  6. Timing of First Haircut
    Contrary to very popular belief, the time at which we first cut little Tommy's hair is in no way related to his speech development.  

Dr. John Royes