How We Function On a Daily Basis
The Facility has 9 consulting offices and 3 treatment rooms. The fact that we have more doctors than rooms allows us to work in shifts so as to facilitate very extended opening hours (see details of this elsewhere).

Six to eight doctors work at any one time (except late in the evenings and on weekends) and, because we only make 3 sets of appointments we are able to see kids who have urgent problems as well as walk-in clientelle.

At the Kidz Klinik our policy is to turn away No-One! This policy however, sometimes works against us as some clients deliberately “pop-in” at closing time with problems that are very minor or that have been longstanding (a rash on the skin for the past 3 months!). If parents help us here, we would be better able to provide emergency service when it is genuinely needed.

The fact that we have 3 treatment rooms also allows us to perform minor surgical procedures and to hold patients for prolonged periods to facilitate oral or intravenous rehydration when necessary (his markedly reduces the number of kids who require hospital admission for this sort of therapy).

At the Kidz Klinik we have many doctors with varying personalities and, quite naturally so, parents and kidz may get attached to particular individuals. It is our policy to try to meet the requests of clients to see particular doctors, but this is not always possible. Your doctors of choice may have other patients who have requested them before you, may be handling an emergency, dealing with a case that requires an extended period of consultation, performing a procedure, or may have been called away to one of the hospital maternity units to attend to a critical newborn. One s'mady cyaan available fe look afta yuh pickney all de time!

Hope you understand.