Dr. John Royes

Dr. John Royes

An avid sports fanatic whose first love was football (probably inherited this from his Dad who had the honour of captaining Jamaica in both football as well as track & field). John represented the U.W.I and then August Town at Major League level and was subsequently invited by Coach Leighton Duncan to play for Cavaliers Football Club late in 1981. God never saw it fit for this dream of his to be realised, as a severe knee injury early in 1982 effectively ended his aspirations in that area.

Represented his much loved alma Mater, Wolmer's (about which he has written a book; see details below), in field hockey and subsequently played for the Blackhawks Club at Senior League level in that sport. Is a practicing 6th degree black belt in Seido Karate who still enjoys fighting with the “young guys." Enjoys SCUBA diving and spearfishing.

Is Married to Val (also a doctor) and has two adult children, Stephen & Mark.

Is a Christian who attends Swallowfield Chapel, and who is extremely grateful to the Lord God Almighty (the El Shaddai) for his constant presence and help through the years.


John C. Royes, Marooned for Life: A History Known by Few, An Allegiance Known by Many (China: Regent Publishers, 2017; ISBN: 978-976-8246-98-1).

Available for purchase at The Kidz Klinik, Kingston Bookshop, and The UWI Bookshop. eBook also available on Amazon.com